Friday, July 05, 2013

10 D cover

10 D cover

Today is a tidying up and finishing off day.

1) animated banner: does it have a title, your logo, strapline etc?
2) activity 3 review - have you compelted the banner section?
3) banner template - is it complete?
4) open the marking spreadsheet in Assessment files - look at the text box comment - does this apply to you? How could you like the number of burgers sold to the number of people coming?

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cover - music research

DP cover lesson 1:

Controlled assessment login.

Using the techniques we talked about last lesson, research music tracks – See CAB for details, and add to database

In activity 1 review, explain how you searched for info, what keywords you used, and how you refined your search.

You need to EXPLAIN this – no marks for anyone who didn’t have problems to overcome!

Make sure activity 1 review is complete and up to date.

Final part of activity 1 is a 25 second radio advert for the event.

You need to write a script – the details of what to inclue are in the CAB.

Homework: find some suitable music to use as the intro/outro.

In assessment files/worksheets/ there is a sheet on copyright, with details of some free music sites listed at the end.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Year 10 cover (10A/10C/10D)

Having seen everyone’s work, you all have some way to go towards finishing the digital poster and the writeup (Activity 2 review – last section)

Remember that this is meant to be a digital poster, so you can use the animation available to you in powerpoint to do things that you couldn’t do in print.

Also, remember that this is effectively a poster and not a presentation – this means that you need to limit the text – no long recipes etc.

Make sure that activity 2 review is complete – use feedback from other people to improve your work

Year 9s

Logo development

Several pieces of feedback that you should act upon:
1)      The aim of this is to promote local charities, not raise money
2)      Local can be a wider area than just Tenbury
3)      The union jack imples the UK – rather larger than “local”

Since we last discussed research, the exam board has made a decision about who will do the catering at the event – getting outside contractors such as clockhouse is no longer acceptable YOU have to plan for and cost the catering that you will put on.

Research task: what equipment will you need in order to do the catering? Where will it come from and how much will it cost? All this needs to go into the sources table

You also need to produce a 20 sec radio advert. With your test buddy, you need to start planning what you will say, what sould effects you will need and if you want to include any music.

The sound recording (you speaking) must be recorded outside lessons – we will edit it in class however.

Remember to put all sources into your sources table.

Year 8

Shared/ict/year 8/ and there is a worksheet called year 8 comic strips – this should be fairly self explanatory.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cover for DP :: 24th April

 All year 10s

Controlled assessment login today!

Go to Assessment files on the desktop
Cab 2011
Open any of the web pages and navigate to Activity 2, model 1.

You need to set up the spreadsheet to match the plan that they exam board has come up with on the pdf you have just downloaded.
Don't try to do the formulae at the moment, concentrate on making the 2 tabs set up with the headings and layouts planned. There should be some A3, laminated sheets of this available for you to refer to as well.

If you do complete all this, then look at the section at the top of the page that asks you to research extra information. YOU will need to find a formula to use that will let you calculate BMI, plus you will have to find out what BMR means as well as making sure you ahve a link to a page of exercises and calories burned per hour.

Also, where could you find information about the calories per 100g for different food types?

After you have done all this research, it needs to go into the SOURCES TABLE!

All Year 11s

key words that you will be expected to know about and use in answers:

  • collaborating
  • multitasking
  • teleworking
  • wiki
  • voip
  • online forums
  • video conferencing
  • microblogging (this is twitter, but you can't use brand names)

In your books make a table showing how each of these are important to individuals and organisations (businesses, bands, clubs, groups, societies etc)

list at least 1 positive and 1 negative for each group
Next lesson we will be doing some exam practice questions about software (remember the videos that we watched)

Use this link to make some notes (in your green books) on the following:

  • application software
  • operating systems
  • open source software (what does this mean, and how could it help businesses and organisations?)

Try these revision quizzes AFTER you have made the notes!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cover for DP - Thursday 10th Feb

Period 1 - year 9

Last lesson we started looking at the digital poster - remember you need to load the instructions and success criteria (go to shared/ict/year 9/CAB/and open the project intro file to click on the link ...)

make sure that you are consistent in your presentation - same background, colours and fonts on all 3 pages.

since this is a scrolling presentation you need to add animation - and make each event happen automatically, rather than after a mouse click.

You need to review the work that you have done in the activity 1 review sheet in the same folder.

Year 11

Last lesson we looked at input - process - output: This needs finishing.

You also need to make sure that you have done the following:
written the 2 letters and scanned them in
questionnaire scanned in
table comparing different methods of asking questions.

If you have not already done a mail merge, report or form in your database go to shared/ict/video demonstrations and watch the annotated videos and then copy what they show you.

Year 10s - controlled assessments

we have talked about the database research - the website that you can use for research should be available today, so get a list of companies into your sources table, and set up the database in access as per the plan from yesterday. You should add the websites that you use to search for companies too.

Also, try googling for local companies as well - make a note of problems that you have finding the information and then use google's advanced search tools to try to help you find some local companies.

We'll talk about this in a lesson, but you need to think about the section on the review sheet where it asks you to discuss searching for information ...

other things to note- this is your last opportunity to get the profile and logo work done, as we need to push on with the work.

Rules for music:
1 player per person - no sharing
2 mp3s only - NOT listening to music on the pc

Friday, December 10, 2010

cover for 10th December

year 8
continue with web site. Make sure that you focus on making it SOAPy!. Check that you have at least 4 pages, with a links page showing all the useful websites that you have found.

Extension: currently you have formatted it for a teenage audience. How could you change it so that it was formatted for a primary audience. Save it with a sensible name.

Year 10

continue with the trip mini project as outlined yesterday.

Year 11

coursework! user requirements and current filing system (don't go past where we were looking at) and implementation - make sure that you are adding clear explanations to your screenshots.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hi everyone.
Can't make it today, but there is a mini project in shared for you to do - we would have been doing it anyway ...

Go to shared/ict/gcse for year 10s/summer trip

There is an outline worksheet there - the idea is that, just as in the controlled assesments, you have to come up with your own solutions - it should be fairly obvious, anyway!

Remember to complete your sources table - with resources that you use, and don't use. Also add any primary research that you carry out.

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